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Stay Weird!

My son and I watched the movie “Spies in Disguise” this weekend, and it was awesome! Without giving away the good stuff, it was about a scientist, working for a United States special agents unit, who had grown up being called weird, because of all his quirky inventions. In fact, as a scientist, he was still being called weird by all the other scientists. But, in the end, because he took the loving advice from his mother to continue being himself and doing what he believed in, his “weird” caused him to WIN! My son recently started coming home and saying that he was weird. I’m not really sure whether he sees it as a negative or a positive, but I have encouraged positive, and made sure that he sees any of his ideas, that may seem different than what the majority are thinking, as thinking outside of the box, and therefore great ideas! Thinking out of the box, freely, wasn’t always encouraged when I was a child. Something I’ve decided, as a parent, to change going forward. I’m convinced it’s my best contribution to the success of the next generation. If weird means being YOU, or leading instead of following, or thinking outside of the box, or anything as amazing as those things, then weird is good people! #motivationmonday #livingforlola

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