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Here’s to the ones who dream.

Foolish as they may seem.

Here’s to the hearts that ache.

Here’s to the mess we make.

- from “Fools Who Dream” epilogue in the movie “La la Land”

I couldn’t imagine life without dreams....

It’s a new day for me, and for you! We’re no longer allowing old habits, which needed to be dropped at birth, to continue to live on in our new selves, including letting the “Debbie Downers” of the world kill our bomb ass vibes!

No one can understand your path, your purpose, or your passion, and all the fire contained inside of you for each, more than YOU!

When you are feeling discouraged and the naysayers negative vibes start to creep in, remember that fire! Find warmth and comfort in the confidence you’ve built from your hopes, dreams, life decisions and most importantly, good vibes.

There will always be one (or several) who says it won’t work, or that’s crazy, or dangerous, or stupid! There will be one (or many) silently praying for your failure. You can’t be bothered, nor worried! But you CAN look forward, you can DREAM, you can BELIEVE, you can DO! You can show them who you really are. Here’s to the dreamer in YOU!

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