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Gratefully Unfulfilled

Have you ever felt so grateful for where you are in life and the accomplishments you’ve made thus far, that you dare say you’re unfulfilled, BUT, to be honest, you’re unfulfilled? I’ve been getting this annoying, antsy, bothersome feeling inside for used to come every few years, then it started to come every year, and now I feel like it’s every 9 months or my heart and soul are battling with my mind, and the brawl ensuing is on the brink of causing an internal explosion. I’m 99.8% sure this feeling is God nudging me to find, and put into motion, my real purpose in life. And he’s not going to stop until he’s satisfied and I’m fulfilled. Living a purpose-driven life is real people. I’m tired of the nudge. I’ve got work to do. If you’re feeling the nudge, I urge you to get to work too! #livingforlola #purposeiseverything #grateful #unfulfilled #whatsyourpurpose #areyoulivinginit #letsgettowork #livingoutthebox #2020vision

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