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Perfectly Imperfect

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

I don’t want someone with whom to share how my day was, or what I ate for lunch.

I want someone with whom I can share my 

dreams and fears.

I want to call him when I feel like crying my 

eyes out, or when I am elated from a major life breakthrough.

I don’t want someone with whom I have to be polite.

I want someone with whom I can talk dirty, 

binge on junk food and fall into his arms in a 

drunken stupor.

I want him to tell me that I have a potty mouth, 

I eat like a pig and I'm a sloppy ass drunk, 

but he loves me no less.

And I want to say to him in return…..

“You are the man of my dreams, but you’re real. You’re 

not perfect at all, in fact you are flawed, but 

you're mine, and I love you, and you love 

me, and we are perfectly flawed,together, 

in our imperfect world.”

Yeah this would be bliss...

From my heart to yours: No one is perfect. Love them for their true selves and receive the best and purest love in return.



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