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Look Who’s #dopechick of The Week!

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Well this feature really made my day! Gonna strive to remain dope just for y’all. Read about my dopeness below, as featured by

this week's dope chick!

#deardopechick: meet Omolola “Lola” Campbell

what makes you dope:

I’m a dynamic woman and single mother who’s learning to live unapologetically. I’m not only learning that it’s okay to be perfectly imperfect and making a conscious effort to live my best life on my OWN terms, but I also aspire to help others do the same.

I recently published a blog called “Living For Lola,” which I hope will inspire others to live their lives to the fullest and with no regrets.

I want everyone, like myself, to realize the importance of self-love and self-appreciation, to focus on the beauty of now and to care less about things that, in the grand scheme of life, don’t really matter.

A lawyer by trade, I received my J.D. from Howard University School of Law (affectionately known as The HUSL), where I was taught to be a social engineer, instead of a parasite on society.

My blog is an attempt to fulfill my social engineering duty.

did you face any challenges in finding your dopeness? if so, how did you overcome?

For too many years, I felt I had to hide my beauty, physical accomplishments and interests, if they didn’t fit with what society, and also my family, thought was acceptable. I made decisions for myself, and MY life, based on the thoughts of others. I wore bangs to cover what I thought was a  “too large” forehead, when my skin was flawless, glowing and admired by many. I wore long shirts to cover my larger than normal behind, thinking I didn’t fit in with the norm.

When I first started attending Soca fetes in NYC, I wouldn’t dare explain to my family the bacchanal and wining that I had fallen in love with, although it was non-violent, non-scandalous fun and probably the most freed feeling I had felt in a long time!

I basically felt ashamed of who I was, how God had made me and what I liked – all because it might not be thought of as acceptable by others.

But, not anymore.

I’d say I started to overcome this challenge after living in NYC for a few years. I was surrounded by so many different cultures, and I started to find myself, what I really enjoyed, with whom and with what I identified, socially.

I started to find ME. And slowly, but surely, I became more confident in who I was, and started to care less about what others thought.

Travel also helped! My love of those Soca fetes led me to a love for Carnival, and participation in it all throughout the Caribbean and in Toronto. That was probably the biggest cultural awakening for me to date.

I now feel sorry for the old me, and for anyone who continues to feel boxed in by society’s, or family’s, views of what acceptable is when it comes to THEIR life.

Acceptable, in my opinion, is what YOU, as a person, feel comfortable with.

what dope women inspire you? 

Michelle Obama is top on my list. She is the dopest woman that’s been around in a long time.

Others who inspire me and are pretty dope themselves are Oprah Winfrey, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Maya Angelou, Beyonce, Taraji P. Henson, Regina King, Hillary Clinton…..I could go on and on, even naming some women you may not recognize.

Any woman who has stepped out on faith, followed a dream and cares about her community is a dope chick and inspiration to me!

if you could give advice to another dope chick, what would it be? 

1. DREAM – If you can’t see it, it will never be;

2. LIVE – Live your fullest and best life while trying to turn your dream(s) into reality;

3. ACHIEVE – When you can see it and you live to fulfill it, through hard work, determination and perseverance, you will eventually achieve it;

4. SHARE – Once you’ve achieved it, share your wealth by giving back to your community in any way you feel it will benefit most.

she's dope + you can find + follow her here:  Website: IG: @livingforlola + @livingforlolapoetry

dear dope chick contact info: dear dope chick

P.O. Box 2031

Denver, CO 80201

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